Commissioning Policies

*Commissioning Policies Introductory Document88.8 KB590
*Considering Applications For Exceptionality319.5 KB180
*IFR Decision Making409.9 KB235
*Statement Of Principles329.0 KB171
Abdominal And Vaginal Exision Of Uterus For Heavy Mestrual Bleeding149.4 KB418
Application Amendment Waiver Of Policies For The Comm Of Appropriate, Effective And Priority Health Care418.9 KB345
Att Process Map Appeals V3130.4 KB401
Choice Of Service Provider For Health Care Ver2152.1 KB734
Complementary And Alternative Therapies (new Jan 2018)87.8 KB185
Complex Cases Through The Commissioning Panel155.3 KB503
Cosmetic Procedures63.7 KB1178
Dilatation And Curettage45.1 KB41
Endoscopic Procedures On The Knee Joint Cavity (New)197.9 KB185
Fertility Services148.3 KB1077
Grommets145.3 KB492
Hiparthroscopy41.8 KB520
Hysteroscopy43.5 KB42
Lumbar Spine Procedures334.7 KB686
Male Circumcision (New)236.3 KB153
Monitoring & Enforcing Of CCG Policies For The Comm Of Appropriate, Effective And Priority Health Care138.7 KB390
Photorefractive (Laser) Surgery For The Correction Of Refractive Error150.6 KB475
Rehabilitation After Damage To Facial Nerve (new Jan 2018)82.4 KB141
Reversal Of Sterilisation141.8 KB514
Services That Are The Subject Of Guidance From The National Institute Of Health And Clinical Excellence140.1 KB412
Specified Expensive Services139.3 KB450
Specified Non-clinical Issues140.8 KB361
Specified Services For Which Provision In Service Agreements May Be Limited199.5 KB466
Spinal Cord Stimulation38.1 KB266
Surgical Release Of Trigger Finger (New)188.8 KB169
Surgical Treatment Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (New)206.1 KB205
Testing For Malignant Hyperthermia134.4 KB543
Tonsillectomy Adeno-Tonsillectomy (New)188.8 KB194
Treatment Of Varicose Veins116.2 KB345

Summary policies

*Short Form Policies Pack262.2 KB97
07 Endoscopic Procedure On Knee Joint Cavity90.8 KB72
08 Fertility Services16.4 KB86
09 Reversal Of Sterilisation In Males And Females98.5 KB111
10 Treatment Of Varicose Veins151.4 KB117
12 Malignant Hyperthermia58.8 KB109
14 Male Circumcision76.7 KB109
15 Photorefractive (Laser) Surgery For The Correction Of Refractive Error59.0 KB62
26 Lumbar Spine Procedures63.5 KB109
27 Tonsillectomy66.8 KB82
29 Grommets92.4 KB137
32 Surgical Release Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome63.0 KB108
34 Spinal Cord Stimulation62.9 KB75
35 Surgical Release Of Trigger Finger62.8 KB63

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