Once you get your trainers on, you’ve cracked it, says Wesham’s local running star.

If you watched the 35th London Marathon, you would have seen Kirkham resident Rob Danson join hands with race legend Paula Radcliffe as they crossed the finish line.

Around 38,000 runners took part in last month’s marathon, each one of them most likely exercising frequently many months before the event. Thousands run the 26 plus mile course to raise money for charity, but also as a target to maintain regular exercise. Keeping fit and eating well are an important part of staying healthy, with regular exercise a key element of staying fit.

We’re all aware that exercise is not a pill, but if it was, it would probably be the best-selling pill. This is because the benefits of regular exercising are immediate and can lower the risk of early death by 30%. Better still, it is free.

A higher percentage of people in Fylde and Wyre are affected by a long-term health problem than the national average. Eating well and exercising regularly could help cut this number.

Rob, a 24-year-old plasterer, knows that keeping fit and eating well are very important. “I eat pasta, rice and chicken leading up to a race.”

However, he does confess that he eats an odd snack or two, but uses these foods as a treat for keeping up his exercising. “If I was to cut everything out, like not eating chocolate, then I would find my marathon training boring.”

Motivation is an area of exercise that people do struggle with. But Rob has an answer to that. “I always found the hardest part is putting your trainers on” he said. “Give yourself a goal and believe in yourself. You can achieve anything if you believe in yourself.”

That goal for Rob was to complete his fifth marathon. And it turned out to be as memorable as he had hoped when record-breaker Radcliffe responded positively to his request to finish hand in hand.

“It was surreal. I had no time to process what was happening. It will definately be a day I will never forget”, he said.

Thanks to the internet, it will definitely be unforgettable, as Rob’s story was featured in the local and national press after photos spread across social media.

For goals and motivational tips to keep you going, visit the NHS Choices website. There you will find podcasts to take your exercising to the next level. It is worth noting that research shows listening to music while exercising can reduce your feeling of effort and tiredness by up to 12%.

Rob, a Wesham Road Runners athlete, has no more marathons in the pipeline, as his trainer has advised he focuses on other areas of his running. But he strongly recommends people to join a local running club. “Wesham Road Runners is a small community where we all run and socialise together.”

So whether it is listening to a podcast, or running in a group, there are lots of ways to reenergise your desire to exercise.

Writing on his personal blog, Rob, who finished the marathon in just over two and a half hours, says that “anything is possible, so dream big everyone.”

It’s likely that you will not have the chance to run with a running legend, but those trainers you once bought that now live in the cupboard definitely need the dust brushing off them.

The benefits of exercise are not limited to losing weight and, even if you’re slim, you’ll still get health benefits from exercising. Remember, it’s free.

Photo credit : www.Run247.com