May 2018 Governing Body

Date: 22 May 2018
Time: 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Venue: NHS Fylde and Wyre CCG
Address: NHS Wesham Offices, PR4 3AL
Telephone: 01253 957188
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Our Governing Body meetings are held in venues across Fylde and Wyre, and anyone is welcome to attend. If you cannot attend, but would like to submit a question to be asked, please either complete a Governing Body Meeting Feedback Form ( doc | 39.4 KB ) and return it to:

NHS Fylde and Wyre Clinical Commissioning Group, Derby Road, Wesham, Kirkham, PR4 3AL

Alternatively, you can email your question to:

We will always aim to respond to your query within five working days.

Governing body papers

FWCCG Governing Body Agenda 22 May 201852.4 KB104
Item 05 FWCCG Governing Body Minutes 20 March 2018 DRAFT(1)706.5 KB115
Item 06 Governing Body Action Sheet40.2 KB94
Item 07 FWCCG Governing Body Chair's Report 22 May 201889.0 KB116
Item 08 20180522 CCO Report94.5 KB102
Item 09 - Report From The Council Of Members135.4 KB112
Item 10 02M CCG Statutory Accounts Template 2017-18 M12 FINAL955.9 KB97
Item 10 Annual Report And Accounts 2017-18 GB Cover Paper664.6 KB95
Item 10 DRAFT - Annual Report And Accounts 2017-18 (2)875.3 KB102
Item 11 Statement As To Disclosure To Auditors Slide642.1 KB80
Item 12 2030 Vision For Health And Care 22.05.18 (final)725.8 KB102
Item 13 Performance Dashboard Combined1.8 MB121
Item 14 Combined Gluten Free May 20181.8 MB102
Item 15 Combined PPE5.0 MB122
Item 16 Financial Position Month 12 V3725.7 KB100
Item 17 Combined GBAF931.0 KB98
Item 18 Audit Committee Combined Papers886.7 KB96
Item 19 FWCCG EI Annual Report Combined2.1 MB90
Item 20 HR Policies Combined716.6 KB87
Item 21 Combined QIG&EC697.4 KB110
Item 22 Combined F&PC Feb And March 2018800.7 KB113
Item 23 Combined CCC March And April 2018696.0 KB93
Item 24 Combined LHWBB 20180125654.6 KB136

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