An innovative new service has launched at one Fleetwood GP surgery that will make collecting a prescription simpler and more convenient than ever before.

The free electronic prescription service recently launched at The Mountview Surgery, based within the Fleetwood Health and Wellbeing Center, and will be rolled out across the rest of Fleetwood in the New Year.

This service allows GP surgeries to send prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy rather than the patient having to deliver a paper prescription by hand. The prescription is sent direct to a pharmacy that is convenient to the patient, such as one near to work, home or on the route of their weekly shop.

It also means patients will not have to make a trip to their GP surgery just to collect a prescription, something that will be especially useful to those patients who receive repeat prescriptions.

Dr Mark Spencer, a GP at the surgery said: “There are many obvious benefits of electronic prescribing. Among these is the impact it will have on prescription collection. People with repeat prescriptions no longer have to visit their GP to collect a prescription and there is no risk of losing a paper prescription between the surgery and the pharmacy.”

Patients who want to start using the service can talk to their pharmacist or GP and nominate a pharmacy or dispensing appliance contractor (DAC) that they wish to collect their prescriptions from in the future.

Patients who wish to continue to use paper prescriptions do not need to do anything.

Dr Tony Naughton, a local GP and Fylde and Wyre CCG’s clinical chief officer added: “Electronic prescribing can be hugely beneficial for patients, GP surgeries and community pharmacies. It makes the process of getting a prescription simpler and more convenient for patients. We are working closely with local surgeries and pharmacies to make sure this service is rapidly rolled out across Fylde and Wyre in the next few months.”

The service will be rolled out to other GP surgeries in the Fleetwood area from January 2015. Surgeries in other local areas across Fylde and Wyre will then follow.

Benefits of electronic prescriptions

Less time and money spent visiting the GP surgery and pharmacy:

  • No need to go back to the pharmacy for medication that is owed to you, as the pharmacy will know what you need in advance.
  • No need to visit your GP surgery just to collect a paper prescription as they are sent electronically.
  • If there is a problem with your prescription, your GP can cancel and replace the prescription electronically, so you won’t have to return to your GP surgery to collect another one.
  • Your dispenser can prepare your repeat prescription in advance so it is ready for when you arrive.

More convenience and choice:

  • Choose where your prescriptions are sent, whether near your home, where you shop or where you work. This is flexible and can be changed at any time, just let your doctor or pharmacy know.
  • Collect your next prescription in advance to cover holidays.
  • If your GP offers a telephone or video consultation, there is no need to leave the house just to collect your prescription as it will be sent electronically to your chosen pharmacy for collection.
  • No need to send stamped addressed envelopes as prescriptions are sent electronically.

Improved safety:

  • Electronic prescriptions cannot be lost so you will not have to spend time trying to find them or asking the surgery to issue another paper prescription.
  • Electronic prescriptions are more accurate which will reduce the risk of receiving the wrong medication.



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