People on the Fylde coast have praised a new service providing treatment in the community for some of the most agonising health complaints.

The community musculoskeletal service is available for patients across the Fylde coast suffering from injuries or pain in their joints and muscles.

Provided by Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and organised by both NHS Fylde and Wyre and NHS Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Groups, the service provides a one-stop shop for the majority of patients requiring services such as x-rays, cortisone injections and physiotherapy with access to GPs, consultant surgeons and a range of physiotherapists to suit their needs.

It means that rather than wait for a hospital appointment, following a referral by their GP patients can be seen at clinics in Lytham Primary Care Centre, Fleetwood Hospital, Clifton Hospital in St Annes, Whitegate Drive Health Centre and South Shore Primary Care Centre in Blackpool.

The service is part of a wider local NHS plans to deliver more services out of hospital settings and in the community.

Samantha Bainbridge with consultant orthopaedic surgeon Elizabeth Burgess


Samantha Bainbridge, from St Annes, said: “I was having a lot of pain in my thumb to the point where I couldn’t lift anything and my range of movement was significantly lacking. I love to crochet and couldn’t crochet any more so it was getting quite bad.

“I went to see my GP who gave me a referral to the community service. I only had to wait three weeks for the appointment and it all happened at Lytham which was very convenient.

MSK service clinical lead Michael Bryant with patient Neil Sherlicker

“An x-ray showed I had arthritis and I got an appointment to have a cortisone injection and ultrasound. It was a little bit weird but pretty painless and the end result was amazing.

“It was all over and done with so quickly I couldn’t believe it and when I came back for my six-week appointment I was back crocheting!”

Neil Sherlicker, who lives in Fairhaven, had been to multiple appointments over a long period of time after he injured his hand before being referred to the service.

He said: “I only wish I had been sent to this service sooner. Everything moves more quickly and you get to have a proper discussion with someone about the problem.

“It took the best part of two years but now I feel like I finally have an answer to what has been going on.”

Michael Bryant, clinical lead for the service, said: “The vast majority of cases can be resolved here in the service without the need to go to hospital, so we find a lot of patients are happy about that.

“And because of the nature of our service we are able to give patients a much longer consultation time to talk about their condition and really get to the bottom of it.

“We can provide them with the x-rays that they need, injections, physiotherapy all here in a place that is closer to home and is far more convenient.”

A video has been produced recently to showcase the work of the service. To view it, visit


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