I recently attended the inaugural event of the Lancashire and Cumbria Health Forum, which was hosted by the University of Lancaster and featured social entrepreneur Lord Andrew Mawson as keynote speaker.

Lord Mawson gave an inspiring talk on how to find and connect with social entrepreneurs and bring about improvements in communities, stressing the importance of people and relationships over committees and organisations.

I was also part of a meeting of CCG representatives discussing the Lancashire and South Cumbria ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plan’, one of 44 national STPs that we hope will soon be confirmed by NHS England.

And with regards to local commissioning arrangements, the CCG has been notified of a proposal to alter the Lancashire North CCG and Cumbria CCG boundaries, with the creation of a new Morecambe Bay CCG that will include practices in South Cumbria. Our CCG will indicate its support for this change when responding to consultation.

My attention was recently drawn to a report by the director of public health and wellbeing for Lancashire, Dr Sakthi Karunanithi. 

Entitled ‘Securing our Health and Wellbeing, Dr Karunanithi drew attention to three main issues: “We have been adding years to our lives but not necessarily life to our years, addressing health inequalities needs action across the social gradient within our county and not just in the most deprived communities and that protecting and promoting good health is not just a social issue but also crucial for our local and national economy.” Our CCG reflects these issues in commissioning decisions to improve local health systems in Fylde and Wyre.

At our recent Governing Body meeting I referred colleagues to a recent speech from NHS chief executive Simon Stevens, in which he emphasised that ‘at NHS England, we are now out of the strategy business … We are not doing any more reviews on strategy now; purely sleeves rolled up getting into implementation alongside you.”

I have also recently met with David Eva, the new chair of Lancashire Care Foundation Trust, to welcome him into his new role, and I also spent some time at the new home of Lockwood Surgery, based within Wyre Civic Centre. This is a welcoming and modern treatment environment for patients and is a great example of the good working partnerships between the surgery, CCG and Wyre Council.