Our Annual Commissioning Plan 2016/17

Delivery of our 2030 Vision for Health and Care in Fylde and Wyre requires translating our intentions into actual plans, programmes and projects.


The Annual Commissioning Plan 2016/17 ( xlsx | 38.8 KB ) represents existing CCG-led projects and services which have already begun and new projects identified in line with our five-year strategy and 2030 Vision. It allows members, staff, partners and the public to understand what we aim to achieve and what our priorities are.

In achieving our ambition and making our vision a reality we will need to work with many partner organisations to deliver the projects and so a robust programme approach is essential. We have an internal CCG programme management office (PMO) which ensures a sufficient level of control and grip of governance and assurance and monitoring against this plan.

A spreadsheet or ‘dataset’ provides a rating of ‘red’, ‘amber’ or ‘green’ to monitor the progress of objectives within seven principal areas. The process allows informed decision-making at the Governing Body and committees and risk/issue management by the CCG.

Delivery of this plan is dependent on our use of the staff and skills available within our team as well as engagement with providers and other commissioners across Lancashire and it is clear that there is much to achieve during 2016/17 within the constraints of limited staff.

The projects identified on the Annual Commissioning Plan are achievable within our existing workforce capacity available across a two-year period at this point in time. However the requirement in this year’s national planning guidance from NHS England to produce a System Transformation Plan (STP), which will sit alongside a health economy-wide Local Development Plan (LDP) as well as the CCG commissioning plan, means we will also have to support the delivery of these plans.

Therefore once the STP and LDP plans are finalised in October 2016, the Annual Commissioning Plan will be refreshed to reflect the capacity we then have available to deliver the projects.


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