Our vision

Taking on board your feedback, we believe the following to be crucial if we are to meet the challenges we face.

  • More support to help people keep mentally and physically well, and prevent them from becoming ill in the first place.
  • More support to help people manage their conditions at home.
  • Better information to support people to make choices about their health and healthcare.
  • Joined-up health and social care planned around people’s needs.
  • Access to more services seven days a week.
  • More community- and home-based care.
  • Care in hospitals for services which can only be carried out safely there.
  • Better use of technology to improve access to services and improve productivity.

Working together

To make our vision a reality, we will need to strengthen how we work with partner organisations. These include local authorities, NHS organisations, other commissioners, the voluntary community and faith sector, non-NHS providers, advocacy groups, and – most importantly – the public, patients and their carers.

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