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Governing Body committees – and what they do

The Governing Body has appointed the following committees, sub-committees and joint committees:

  • Audit Committee – provides an independent and objective view of the CCG’s financial systems, information and compliance with laws and regulations, as well as reviewing activities such as governance, risk management and fraud.
  • Remuneration Committee – makes recommendations about remuneration, fees, pensions and other allowances.
  • Quality Improvement and Governance Committee – provides assurance that quality and patient experience drive decision making, all services are safe and effective, quality assurance and clinical governance is embedded in all operations, and that corporate governance is robust.
  • Clinical Commissioning Committee – ensures continuous engagement with the CCG’s members, that those views inform commissioning plans and priorities, and has operational oversight of the CCG’s work.
  • Finance and Performance Committee – recommends the CCG’s five-year and annual financial plans to the Governing Body, and oversees implementation of those plans.

Council of Members

The CCG’s Council of Members represents all of the member practices of the group. The voting members of the council are the chair of the Council of Members, the clinical chief officer of the CCG and a nominated clinical representative from each of the 21 GP practices that make up the CCG.

Governing Body

The CCG is overseen by a governing body consisting of members with a real commitment to making sure that healthcare in Fylde and Wyre is the best it can be.

Our Governing Body ensures that we have appropriate arrangements in place to carry out our functions effectively, efficiently, economically and in accordance with the principles of good governance.

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