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To ensure that we can provide the best care for the maximum number of people, it is vital that we make every penny count.


Carrying out operations and medical procedures that are not of great health benefit uses up resources that could be spent on really making a difference elsewhere. This is why doctors and health professionals across Lancashire have put together a list of procedures that the NHS does not carry out, as well as others that are only carried out if patients meet special criteria or during exceptional circumstances. By way of example, we don’t generally carry out operations or procedures to treat hair loss or remove tattoos for cosmetic reasons.

You can obtain a copy of the full list from your doctor, or view it on the policies page.

It is important to remember though that, while the NHS does not generally fund operations that have little health benefit in general, there are times when there may be overwhelming health benefits for an individual patient.

If this is the case, your doctor, on your behalf, will explain the exceptional circumstances to a request panel consisting of doctors and other health experts here at the CCG, and a decision will be reached on an individual, case-by-case basis.

To find out more, contact our customer care team on freephone 0800 032 2424 or 01772 777952 or email customer.care@lancashirecsu.nhs.uk

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