Expenditure reporting

To provide transparency and to allow the people to hold public bodies such as the CCG to account, we now publish information relating to all expenditure over £25,000 every month. ‘Expenditure’ includes all individual invoices, grant payments, expense payments, payments to GPs and other such transactions. Payments to staff are not included in this disclosure.

January 2018 Expenditure40.1 KB46
December 2017 Expenditure40.1 KB69
November 2017 Expenditure40.1 KB73
October 2017 Expenditure34.8 KB67
September 2017 Expenditure44.8 KB70
August 2017 Expenditure43.5 KB99
July 2017 Expenditure39.2 KB99
June 2017 Expenditure58.5 KB94
May 2017 Expenditure47.1 KB167
April 2017 Expenditure41.2 KB152
March 2017 Expenditure48.7 KB157
February 2017 Expenditure40.7 KB159
January 17 Expenditure36.1 KB276
December 16 Expenditure41.5 KB296
November 16 Expenditure40.4 KB296
October 16 Expenditure37.8 KB270
September 16 Expenditure42.6 KB270
August 16 Expenditure39.4 KB245
July 16 Expenditure38.4 KB370
June 16 Expenditure43.4 KB369
May 16 Expenditure42.6 KB383
April 16 Expenditure41.7 KB335
March 2016 Expenditure 14.0 KB371
February 2016 Expenditure 7.7 KB358
January 2016 Expenditure 7.3 KB347
December 2015 Expenditure8.5 KB378
November 2015 Expenditure6.3 KB373
October 2015 Expenditure6.4 KB418
September 2015 Expenditure6.9 KB403
August 2015 Expenditure7.6 KB415
July 2015 Expenditure7.6 KB561
June 2015 Expenditure7.8 KB487
May 2015 Expenditure6.2 KB235
April 2015 Expenditure6.4 KB519
March 2015 Expenditure14.8 KB520
February 2015 Expenditure6.9 KB518
January 2015 Expenditure6.5 KB507
December 2014 Expenditure6.2 KB504
November 2014 Expenditure5.3 KB505
October 2014 Expenditure6.0 KB634
September 2014 Expenditure7.2 KB663
August 2014 Expenditure5.1 KB657
July 2014 Expenditure4.9 KB655
June 2014 Expenditure5.5 KB670
May 2014 Expenditure5.8 KB660
April 2014 Expenditure6.8 KB669
March 2014 Expenditure15.8 KB657
February 2014 Expenditure6.2 KB655
January 2014 Expenditure6.6 KB647
December 2013 Expenditure5.4 KB674
November 2013 Expenditure6.1 KB644
October 2013 Expenditure6.3 KB640
September 2013 Expenditure5.4 KB650
August 2013 Expenditure4.8 KB655
July 2013 Expenditure7.1 KB647
June 2013 Expenditure5.3 KB674
May 2013 Expenditure8.3 KB651
April 2013 Expenditure4.0 KB655

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