Fylde and Wyre CCG is part of the Lancashire and Cumbria Innovation Alliance, one of six ‘test beds’ nationally given special funding by NHS England to work collaboratively with technology firms and innovators to to develop new technology to address complex health issues in the area.

The Lancashire Test Bed is focused on supporting frail elderly people with dementia and other long-term conditions to remain well in the community and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

Keeping people well in the community will increase the quality of care provided and patient outcomes, create capacity within hospitals, and release efficiencies by reducing the input required from wider health and social care services.

Retired Lytham magistrate Ian Paterson has suffered from the effects of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) for the past four years.

Mr Paterson, 71, who sat on the bench for 25 years and most recently worked as a management consultant in the area, said the condition had forced him to slow down somewhat, although he still managed the odd game of golf and tried to get to the gym to keep himself in shape.

But having seen some of the technology that could be developed thanks to a partnership of the local NHS and Phillips, the grandfather of two said it could only be good news for people living with COPD.

Mr Paterson said: “Living with COPD has meant I have had to slow down a great deal over the past four years.

“When I first developed this condition, I did not know what signs to look for and found myself calling for an ambulance and going to hospital on a regular basis.

“Having access to equipment like this would have helped me a great deal as it would help me to identify when things were going wrong and do something about it.

“I think it is wonderful that technology like this is being developed for people such as myself in this area.”